PowerShell integration for Visual Studio.

The PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio source code repository can be found on GitHub.

The page contains all the documentation for PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio and it's extension, PowerShell Pro Tools for Visual Studio. To learn more about the PowerShell Pro Tools, visit PoshTools.com.

PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio Offers

  • Syntax highlighting and IntelliSense
  • Function navigation
  • Project system with build events
  • Local and remote debugging
  • Interactive Prompt
  • Module Explorer
  • Pester Test Adapter
  • Snippet Support

PowerShell Pro Tools Offers

  • User Interface design tools for WPF and Windows Forms
  • Packaging
    • Bundling scripts
    • Packing into executables
    • Obfuscation
  • MSI Installer Cmdlets
  • Code Conversion between C# and PowerShell

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