Packaging in Visual Studio Code

Since Merge-Script can be called from the task integration in Visual Studio Code, it’s very easy to create a task.json file that packages scripts by using Ctrl+Shift+B. You can define the task.json like this.


"version": "0.1.0",

"tasks": [


"taskName": "build",

"command": "powershell",

"args": ["Merge-Script -Script '${file}' -Bundle -OutputPath '${fileDirname}\\out' -OutputType Executable"],

"isBuildCommand": true,

"showOutput": "silent"




From VS Code, you can simply open a PS1 file and press the key combination Ctrl+Shift+B. The output of the command will be written to a “out” folder in the same directory as the PS1 file you are building.

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