Code Conversion

PowerShell Pro Tools can convert between C# and PowerShell code. The conversion success rate depends on the language syntax used by both languages. For example, PowerShell does not support generics or async\await and C# does not support cmdlets. Some conversions are accomplished using code that mimics the intent but not the exact code structure. For example, using the Get-Process cmdlet in C# would require the use of the PowerShell.Create method and an invocation into the PowerShell engine. Instead, PowerShell Pro Tools converts the Get-Process call into the corresponding Process.GetProcessesByName or Process.GetProcessesById method calls in C#.

Invoking Conversion

Conversion is accomplished by copying the source code to the clipboard and using either the Paste as PowerShell or Paste as C# commands in the target source file. You can right click within the target source file to access this option.


Converting PowerShell to C# directly.

In the example video, PowerShell is converted directly to C# code using classes in .NET rather than the cmdlet that was in the script.

Converting PowerShell to C# by using the System.Management.Automation classes.

In this example, PowerShell is converted to C# by using the System.Management.Automation classes to execute the PowerShell cmdlet in the PowerShell engine hosted in C#.

Converting C# to PowerShell

Converts C# to PowerShell by converting all the C# syntax to PowerShell syntax.

Converting C# P\Invoke Signatures to PowerShell Script

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