About config hashtables for Merge-Script


This about file contains information about using hashtables and PSD1 files to configure Merge-Script.

Config File Schema

    Root = "" # The root script. This is required.
    OutputPath = "" # The output path for Merge-Script. This is required.
    Bundle = @{
        Enabled = $true # Whether bundling is enabled
        Modules = $true # Whether to bundle imported modules
        NestedModules = $true #Whether to bundle modules required by other modules
        RequiredAssemblies = $true # Whether to bundle required assemblies 
        IgnoredModules = @() # Modules to ignore when bundling scripts
    Package = @{
        Enabled = $true # Whether to package as an executable
        Obfuscate = $true # Whether to obfuscate the executable
        HideConsoleWindow = $true # Whether to hide the console window after starting the script
        DotNetVersion = "v4.6.1" # The .NET Framework version to target. The developer pack for that version must be installed on the machine for this to target a particular version. 

Using a config file

A config file can be used either from within a PowerShell script as a hashtable or imported from a PSD1

file containing the hashtable.


It is not required to include all aspects of the config when using Merge-Script. The only required

components are Root and OutputPath. Aside from that, anything that is not include will be considered

false. This means that in the below example, packaging is disabled but bundling is not. The below operation

will not bundle nested modules or required assemblies of any modules it is bundling.

Merge-Script -Config @{

Root = ".\MyScript.ps1"

OutputPath = ".\"

Bundle = @{

Enabled = $true

Modules = $true



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