VS2017, VS2015, PowerShell Module

Released: 3-19-2018

What happened to version 1.3?

Version 1.3 was skipped for the PowerShell Pro Tools Visual Studio extension to align the PowerShell module version with the extension version. This is a one time change and from now on the PowerShell module and Visual Studio extension will maintain the same version number since they share the same code base.

Ignored Modules in Bundler

You can now ignore modules using Merge-Script. If you take a dependency on a large module that you don't need to bundle, like Azure, you can now ignore that module and prevent the bundler from attempting to package it with the rest of your script.

You can configure this via a bundler config.

Select .NET Version for packaging

You can now select the .NET version that compiled scripts will target. There is a drop down in the project properties to select from installed .NET versions on your machine. You can also configure this via the package config.

Removed Usage Analytics

PowerShell Pro Tools no longer sends any telemetry data to Google Analytics. This was an opt-in feature to collect usage data but is no longer present in the product to avoid any issues with GDPR.

Issues Resolved

  • #1 Error with listbox control
  • #2 Bundler config option for ignored modules
  • #6 Select .NET version for packaging.
  • #7 Error when importing module
  • #8 Remove anonymous usage data collection

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